Pastor Olson is Certified as a Anger Management Specialist-II

Grace Counseling Place, LLC, is pleased to announce a new counseling ministry: Anger Management Counseling.  Pastor Greg Olson is now certified as an Anger Management Specialist-II by the National Anger Management Association. This means you can receive a certificate after completing a ten week course to show that you have worked on the causes of your anger and found ways to process it and deal constructively with it.  If you are instructed by the legal system to receive this training, please check with your probation officer or court official to see if this counseling will qualify to satisfy your court ordered documents.   For more information, call 815-272-3084 and make an appointment.

Course Details

The course is a ten week individual counseling course where you will receive a workbook to walk you through the causes of your anger and the ways to deal with it.  You will work on a weekly Anger Log where you process weekly events of anger and how you have or have not dealt constructively with your anger.  The cost of the program is $30 for the workbook and as in all of the counseling of GCP, you pay according your ability.  After you finish the course, you will receive a certificate showing your progress that you may want to use in whatever legal proceedings you may have to deal with.