No one who needs it should be denied therapy because they cannot afford it

Therefore, the fees for counseling at GCP are on a sliding scale that allows you to pay what you can afford.  Your contribution will be between $0 and $100 for the hour of counseling.  Please consider the following factors when deciding what to contribute:

1.      What can I afford?  You know your financial situation, and I do not need to pry into your affairs.  You determine what you think is fair and reasonable.  It’s okay if you can give the $100 that many counseling centers determine as a beginning rate.  It’s also okay if you cannot give anything.  What’s important is that you receive what you need to achieve healthy relationships.

2.      What does this financial commitment mean for me?  I hope you come to counseling with a commitment to change.  Coming to counseling to shop for some answers results in a low level of commitment, as does coming to complain about someone else’s behavior. However, if you come to change your life, your commitment level increases dramatically.

At the beginning of each therapy session, you will determine your level of giving.  Payment can be done by cash or check.

We do not work with insurance companies.  If you need a receipt or other documentation to send to your insurance company, we can provide that for you.