We are prepared to help you with the following issues:

Domestic Violence Counseling (11 individual sessions - see page above)

Anger Management Training ( 10 individual sessions - see page above)

  - Improving your marriage.  - Creating better lines of communication and settling conflicts.  - Dealing with infidelity.

 - Premarital Counseling:  Working on improving your relationship before the wedding.

- Parent and Child/Teenager conflicts

-  Personal Problems: Depression, Anxiety, Agoraphobia, and Low Self-esteem

- Grief Counseling

- Addiction: To alcohol, drugs, and pornography

- Spiritual Questions: Doubts and Developing a deeper spiritual life

Marriage and Family Therapy is an approach that emphasizes the relationships of our lives and how these interconnections affect our daily lives.     

GRACE: Good mental health and healthy relationships begin with grace – the unconditional acceptance by another.  Grace Counseling Place (GCP) begins by accepting you for who you are.  We begin life with the acceptance of our care givers, allowing us to form attachments that create our core self.  As we are nurtured and cared for, we begin to know who we are and how we are connected to others.  And when we know who we are, we will know what to do to gain personal fulfillment and to be there for others.

            Unfortunately, often we get that acceptance by earning love or being consumed by a culture that judges us by what possessions and actions. Depression, anxiety, and many of our conflicts arise when we get caught up in trying to earn acceptance or feel disconnected from our key attachment figures.

            GCP begins with grace, with acceptance, allowing you to re-form your core with the strengths you already have and the gifts you can use to return to a healthy sense of self.


COUNSELING: Sometimes a relationship with a therapist can help us rediscover our true self.  Rather than focus on the problems or the barriers that prevent us from forming healthy relationships, GCP is a place where we build on your strengths and past experiences of wholeness and health. 

            At GCP we will use Solution Focused Therapy to help you see where you want to go.  Family Systems Therapy can provide an option for discovering your core self and dealing with the “voices” that pull you in different directions and create imbalance.  For some anxiety issues, a simple Cognitive Behavioral approach can teach you the skills to deal with the “triggers” that set you off.  All of this is a way to find a place of wholeness and peace in your life, knowing you are loved and can love in return.


PLACE: All of this comes together in a place, in a face to face relationship where we can sit together and explore the options for your life.  We meet in a church as an extension of their concern for the community.  But there is no restriction as to religion, ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, or economic level.  All are welcomed in this low cost place where no one is denied help if they desire it.




            (Use the educational entrance in the rear of the church) This facility is handicapped assessable.